Over the last month we have been planting trees and shrubs, funded by KCC in support of their commitment to plant 1.5 million new trees. We would like to give special thanks to members of the Brockhill Volunteer Team for working with staff to achieve this work.

What have we planted? A wonderful selection of appropriate species was chosen for the site. Wips (small saplings) included 25 Crab Apple, 15 Spindle, 25 Hornbeam, 25 Sweat Chestnut, 20 standards (larger trees) of Wild Cherry and also 25 Wild Rose.

Why did we plant?

1) GLOBAL This planting project is a small-scale example of how we can attempt to guard against climate and ecological breakdown on a global scale. These trees will take carbon from the atmosphere, storing it as they grow, helping to reduce the effects of climate heating caused by humans. Planting will also provide a place for many other species of plants and animals to live and offer shade and shelter for people and wildlife in increasingly hotter summers.

2) DISEASE Due to the ravages of Ash Die Back Disease we need to plant more trees at the park. The majority of our native Ash trees will sadly die over the next 10 to 15 years. These saplings can’t replace the Ash but can help to maintain good tree cover.

3) POLLINATORSWe are creating opportunities for pollinators, and have been working with the Bumble Bee Trust, and KCC’s Plan Bee Pollinator Action Plan. These trees and shrubs have also been selected for their wonderful blossom, which will provide excellent forage (food) for pollinators. Bees, wasps, butterflies, beetles, moths, and others play a vital role in our natural environment. They have suffered from dramatic declines over the last 50 years and really need our help.

We can all now look forward to seeing these beautiful trees and shrubs grow, blossom and fruit!!