A recent message was sent out to Sandgate Society Members regarding the sad news that Saga are departing Enbrook Park – and community gardens are wondering what will happen to the community garden.

“One of the main concerns at the present moment is the future of our Sandgate Community Garden; we are keeping Leonie completely in the loop, and so far we believe we have a “stay of execution”.  The points of consideration are not only the decision to be made by future buyers, which may take some time, but also the effective enforced closure if Saga no longer need water for their own grounds and remove our access to this essential commodity”.

Sandgate Society is working closely with the Sandgate parish council and arranged a requested a face meeting with Euan Sutherland which is planned for the next 2-3 weeks.  

The Sandgate Society offers reassurance with “Please be assured that everyone is fully committed to ensuring the least possible “damage” to Sandgate – visually, architecturally – not to mention continued access for our community”.

Sandgate Society will report back with more information following the meeting.