The Locavore community garden project is going from strength to strength since its cold and wet start in October 2020. Preparing the ground was hard going with heavy clay on rubble and the area was covered in invasive weeds.

After lots of hard work the Locavore team have created a community Permaculture garden – and fodo is growing already, although there is still lots to do.

Throughout the cold and wet months of winter and into Spring the Locavore members have completed challenging, back breaking, exhausting and yet hugely rewarding work. There is now raised beds, Hugel beds, paths, a pergola, fences, a food forest and (re)wild corner, polytunnel, meadow pond, plants, food….and of course mud, rain, snow gales and baking heat too.

The Locavore team are planning some events coming up soon – but meanwhile check out the Custom Food Labs Lacavore Community Garden website at; or Facebook page at: to keep updated on what is happening in this very special Community Garden.