Incredible Edibles


Incredible Edibles is part of the Sandgate Community Garden project and part of the wider national Incredible Edible movement. The vision is: to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food. 

Sandgate Community Gardeners also care for some Incredible Edible sites such as the alleyway between Chichester Road and Meadowbrook, as well as various planters on the High Street and at Fremantle.  Incredible Edible sites are grown for everybody in the community to help themselves to free food and herbs – with a new Incredible Edible group for Cheriton and Broadmead.

Another piece of news is that we are officially on the map – Saga’s new signs around Enbrook Park show where the community garden is. Why don’t you pop over for a look?

Incredible Edible Network says:

Community is at the very heart of Incredible Edible’s work and our growing patches are edible attractions to get people talking. From its inception, Incredible Edible sought to show how ordinary people can transform their own landscapes and turned disused plots into abundant sources of healthy food. Working with whoever is willing, we create powerful connections through food, which lead people to believe that when we act together each of us is stronger for it.

You can contact us via email, phone or text 07840138308

Instagram – sandgatecommunitygarden or Facebook