2023 Dates to Diary

If you would like your; gleaning, foraging, allotment open day, seed or plant sharing, allotment competition or any other event posted on this website do let me know via the Contact form above. Thank you. JanMH

All paid for events or activities listed here should of course be checked out before you commit to payment. This website receives no payment from any event or activity provider, and an event being listed here does not imply endorsement.  

Kent Wildlife Trust - Wildlife Study Days 2023

There are many online and real life training courses offered by Kent Wildlife Trust – check out the website to find what topics and dates work for you.


Monthly foraging guide: what’s in season, where to find it, and how to forage responsibly

Our beginner’s guide to foraging in Britain explains what you can gather in hedgerows, woodlands, along the coast and in the countryside. Learn how to forage responsibly and safely, what’s in season each month and where to find it, plus recipe ideas.


Foraging and Wildfood Days

Join us at our amazing private broadleaf woodland in the heart of the Kent countryside for a journey to unearth the delights of Mother Nature’s larder and store cupboard as we unveil the realms and delights of wildfood, foraging and backwoods cooking skills.


Foraging Course in Kent
  • 1 Day Foraging Course in Kent
    Foraging has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing up.  Which suits us as we absolutely love it!  There’s nothing like strolling through the great British countryside and  knowing the names of trees and plants that you walk past and which ones you can eat
  • Weekend Autumn Fruits & Fungus Course
    This 2 day autumn fruits & fungus foraging course brings together some of our own passions, namely the British countryside, fresh, sustainable ingredients, cooking and great food!  If you share any of those passions, or simply want to know
  • Hunter Gatherer Weekend
    Located between Canterbury and Ashford, join us at our ancient woodland camp on the beautiful Kent Downs for this weekend long hunter gatherer course and learn wild food foraging, woodland cooking and how to prepare, butcher and cook deer, pigeon, and rabbit.


Foraging and Wild Food Cooking

Foraging for wild food is continually increasing in popularity in the UK and Wild Edibles are often seen on menus in the Top London Restaurants. More and more people are no longer satisfied with just foraging black berries for their Fruit Crumble but are seeking further knowledge and skills in safely foraging and cooking wild foods. Click link for more information about courses in the near year: https://www.natural-pathways.co.uk/foraging-wild-cooking.php

Gardening Courses

Our online Gardening courses will help you build the skills you need to achieve your vision for the perfect outdoor space.

Whether you would like to find out about botanical names and what they tell you about the plant, how to keep your plants healthy or how gardening can support your wellbeing, we have a wide range of Gardening courses available. Our courses are taught online and in real time, by expert tutors based in Kent.


Wild Mushrooms - Foraging

Foraging wild mushrooms inspires the culinary imagination of so many, but remains shrouded in uncertainty and fear. Join us in the stunning Kent countryside and begin confidently accessing the superb gourmet fungi which grown all about us.