Countryfile Plant Britain wants to get everyone planting in a big, ambitious two-year project where we can all do our bit in the battle against climate change and to help wildlife and our own well being.

We launch with the goal of planting 750,000 trees – one for every UK primary school starter in 2020. From inner city estates to some of Britain’s most breath-taking landscapes, it doesn’t matter where you live. And however small a space you’ve got to plant, we can help. What about your own micro-forest in a window box?

And while we kick off with trees, over the next two years we’ll also be looking at fruit, veg and flowers. So whatever you plant, be sure to log it on our interactive map. And don’t miss out on our special planting ballot which gives you the chance to plant trees with Countryfile presenters at Woodland Trust sites across Britain.

For more information about this project – and to find out how to get involved – check out: