Bumblebees need lots of flowers to feed on. Give them a helping hand by adding just one of these bumblebee favourites to your outdoor space in August.

Our top picks are all easy to look after and great for beginner gardeners. Simply wait for them to flower, then enjoy watching your local bumblebees feeding.

August is also the month to make the most of what you already have. Remove dead flower heads from your existing plants so they can keep blooming, and collect seeds so you can grow more next year for free!

Try planting:

Foxglove – it likes a sunny or part shady areas, flowers June to August (next year) – and as a bonus, the deep flowers are a favourite with long-tongued bumblebees who can reach the nectar (although toxic to humans)

California poppy – it likes full sun, flowers June to August (next year) – and as a bonus, it’s a vibrant pop of colour and it drops lots of seeds to bloom again.

Scabious – likes full sun, flowers June to October – and as a bonus, it is sometimes known as the pincushion flower – with oh-so-pretty delicate blooms

Cornflower – like full sun, flowers June to September (next year) – and as a bonus, it’s a UK native wild cornflower, perfect for creating your own mini meadow at home.

Information and you can download a Bumblebee menu from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust: https://www.bumblebeeconservation.org/