New book Just Out – Secrets from a herbalist’s garden – a magical year of plant remedies. My attention was drawn to this book because just for once i saw a particular weed mentioned in this book that most gardeners absolutely hate the sight of and will do all they can to get rid of it. And yet this book tells you how you can use this particular weed in a variety of beneficial ways.

Horses Tail or Mares Tail – whatever you call it – most gardenings absolutely do not want it – but in fact it can be used to make hair conditioner, used in an infusion to make nails stronger, or to help reduce varicose veins…and much more.

Jo Dunbar the author and a member of the Institute of Medical Herbalists is also known locally for her inspirational leadership and involvement in the Incredible Edible group.

I highly recommend this book for all those interested in plants and would like to know more about them.