BeeWalk is back for 2022! BeeWalk is our national recording scheme monitoring the abundance of bumblebees across the UK. Anyone with basic bumblebee identification knowledge can become a BeeWalker. The scheme has been active since 2008 and 2022 marks its 15th year! Apart from a pandemic-related dip in our 2020 recording, the number of transects and people signing up to BeeWalk has consistently increased over the years which is fantastic news for the UK’s bumblebees. In 2021, over 600 BeeWalkers submitted records 🚶‍♀️.

To take part in BeeWalk, all you need to do is set up a transect of about a mile (you choose your route) and walk it once a month between March and October. Then submit which bumblebees you see along the way! Your support through BeeWalk will allow us to detect early warning signs of bumblebee population declines and take action.

Perhaps you are a budding BeeWalker, keen to head out on your transect or adopt a transect? Or are you new to BeeWalk, and want to help us monitor bumblebees across the UK? Why not ‘spring into action‘ and find out how you can get started today – the bumblebees need you. More about BeeWalk HERE