Rewilding is a journey with no fixed end point. The goal is to help nature help itself so it can thrive into the future. There’s not a defined set of actions to take. What you do will depend on your finances, your ambition, the size of your land, the state of your soils and water, the features in your landscape, your neighbour’s activities and so much more.

If you follow our five principles of rewilding you won’t go far wrong: engage people and communities as much as possible, let nature lead, look to create opportunities for resilient new nature-based economies, work at nature’s scale to rewild whole systems and not just fragments, and work to ensure that your rewilding project is for the long-term, for the benefit of future generations. 

While we can’t tell you exactly what to do, our 12 steps can guide you down the right path. Follow these, where and when you can, and you’ll be on your way to rewilding…

1. Do nothing for a while

2. Gather information about your land

3. Get expert help and advice

4. Look at what’s next to you and near you

5. Develop a plan

6. Think natural processes

7. Mimic natural processes

8. Encourage the return of native species

9. Embrace the unexpected

10. Measuring and monitoring

11. Collaborate and connect

12. Engage and communicate

You can read much more about how to accomplish these 12 steps HERE