In an organic garden, one of the most important jobs is returning nutrients to the system. There are a number of different ways that you can take the nutrients stored in plants and return them to the soil where they can be taken up by other plants. 

You can use them as a chopped and dropped mulch, or add them to your compost heap. But one other way you can use them is as a liquid plant feed, or fertilizer tea.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten fertilizer teas you can make from weeds and other plants.

All of the fertilizer teas listed below (except the first one) are made in roughly the same way. You add your plant material to water, leave it to stew, then strain it, dilute it, and use it on your garden growing areas.

  • Vegetable Scraps
  • Green Tea
  • Comfrey Tea
  • Seaweed Tea
  • Grass Clipping Tea
  • Nettle Tea
  • Dandelion Tea
  • Yarrow Tea
  • Borage Fertiliser Tea
  • General Weed Tea

For more detail about how to make these fertiliser Teas check out:

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