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Everyone invited to help nature in Kent

Everyone invited to help nature in Kent

Kent Country Council (KCC) has been given the lead role in shaping future priorities for nature recovery in Kent and Medway and everyone is invited to take part. A nature recovery strategy called Making Space for Nature in Kent is being developed. The strategy will...

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Grow Your Own

A number of ‘grow your own’ type projects have taken root in our district over recent years, and there has always been interest in allotments – but more noticeably through the Covid months many of us discovered or rediscovered the joys of doing something productive outdoors. Not only is working outdoors beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing – it may be that with Brexit upon us we are also more aware of, and more grateful for, local suppliers of fresh locally grown produce.

Some community gardens, allotments, and other ‘grow your own’ projects are listed here. Click on the item or click on Grow Your Own tab above for more information.

Horn Street Allotments, Hythe

Allotments owned by Hythe Town Council

Hythe Triangle Community Garden

St Leonards Road, Hythe

East Cliff Community Garden

adjacent to Stade Steps

Eaton Lands Allotments, Hythe

Allotments owned by Hythe Town Council

Lyminge Gardeners Society

Tayne Lane, Church Road

Hawkinge Allotments

The Old Brickworks, Stombers Lane

Sandgate Incredible Edibles

A small volunteer group, members of Sandgate Society, guerilla gardening  

The Fifth Trust Vineyard Garden

Providing fulfilling opportunities for adults with learning difficulties. Vineyard, Breach, Elham Valley Rd, Canterbury CT4 6LN

Black Bull Allotment Association

The allotments are off Downs Road, Folkestone and just behind the Black Bull public house (now The Hungry Horse).

Twiss Road Allotments, Hythe

Allotments owned by Hythe Town Council

Hythe Hop Farm

part of Hythe Environmental Community Group

Tile Kiln Lane Allotments, Folkestone

Allotments owned by Folkestone Town Council

Park Farm Allotments, Folkestone

Allotments owned by Folkestone Town Council

Lydd Allotments

Allotments owned by Lydd Town Council

Hythe Environmental Community Group - Food sub group+

A community group active with the aim to encourage and facilitate the growing and use of plants, fruits and produce through community education and participation

Hawkinge Bees

The Old Brickworks, Stombers Lane

The Marigold Garden Club

Marigold Centre, 65 Shafstbury Avenue, CT19 4NS

Sandgate Bees

Beehives are part of the Sandgate Community Garden, Saga Grounds.

Help A Hive Local Beekeeping

Local Family beehives – in various places.

Longbridge Allotments, Hythe

Allotments owned by Hythe Town Council 

Shepway Bees

A virtual Shepway group, will advise on swarms if asked Foraging

Promoting all things countryside and coastal foraging related

Cheriton & Broadmead Incredible Edibles

A small Cheriton and Broadmead volunteer group, guerilla gardening.

Elham Gardening Society

Formed in the 1800’s

Sandgate Community Garden

Saga grounds, Sandgate

Folkestone Coastal Park Wild Zone

Owned and managed by F&HDC

Area in hectares of Kent Wildlife Sites

Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves


Good for you being outside in nature

Featured Events

Here are a few Featured Events planned for 2023 – but for more information about other events which are available in the district and across Kent – click on the EVENTS tab above.

Here are a few Featured Events planned for 2023 – but for more information about other events which are available in the district and across Kent – click on the EVENTS tab above.

Dates Various 2023

Gardening Courses

These online Gardening courses will help you build the skills you need to achieve your vision for the perfect outdoor space.

Whether you would like to find out about botanical names and what they tell you about the plant, how to keep your plants healthy or how gardening can support your wellbeing, there is a wide range of Gardening courses available

Dates Various 2023

Muchroom Foraging and Wildfood Days

Unearth the delights of Mother Nature’s larder and store cupboard as you unveil the realms and delights of wildfood, mushroom foraging and backwoods cooking skills.

Dates various 2023

Foraging Courses In Kent  

Foraging has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing up.  There’s nothing like strolling through the great British countryside and knowing the names of trees and plants that you walk past and which ones you can eat.  

Dates various 2023

Gardening and Outdoors Training Days

There are so many online and real life training days – some of the courses will take place in amazing woodlands in the heart of the Kent6 countryside where you can unearth the delights of Mother Natures larder and store cupboard as you learn foraging a backwoods cooking skills.  

In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows


Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.


– Alice Walker.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.


– Albert Einstein

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.


– Lao Tzu

Farmers Markets & Farm Shops

farmers market is a regular assembly of farmers and local suppliers, often meeting in a village or church hall, selling food directly produced – directly to the customers. Farmers markets are great places to meet with other members of your community, a chance to stop for a chat and coffee.

2020 and the following years have not been easy years for farmers markets due to Covid – and most sales have only been possible by online contact.

Farmers markets specialise in fresh local produce from local farmers or suppliers. This is a great opportunity for customers to ask the farmer or producer directly how their produce is grown.